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Waste Solutions Consulting, LLP (WSC) is located in Northern Illinois and covers a primary service area of IL, WI, IN, MI, OH, IA and MO. We also service large, multi-regional and national clients in cooperation with Environmental Waste Solutions, LLC (EWS), of whom we are a Certified Affiliate.

We are not a broker or waste hauling company, but rather a certified solid waste and recycling cost-reduction and management company with specialized knowledge that saves our clients money. We have the necessary tools along with the latest and best information on all waste related issues, technology and methods to reduce your waste and recycling expenses.

WSC in the News :3/7/2009 : McHenry County Business Journal, Waste Solutions Consulting By CHRIS FREEMAN

As certified solid waste consultants with experience obtained from working with hundreds of client locations, we know all the hidden methods of saving you money the waste vendors won't tell you about and your in-house staff doesn't know.

Here's what two of our clients say about us.

Terry Haseman, Executive Vice President
RLC Enterprises, Inc. / RLC of Michiana, Inc. - 45 Locations

"I use these guys and they have saved me and other franchisees a lot of money."

Rodney Walker, President
Mariane Inc. / Bells & Birds Inc. - 38 Locations

"By going with WSC we have a fully managed waste and grease oil solution that manages everything from contract negotiation, seasonal fluctuations, to monitoring waste haulers to ensure proper service. This 'one stop' for all waste solution needs not only saves us money but keeps my teams focused on running restaurants and not having to deal with waste haulers. One phone call to WSC and they take care of whatever it is."

You pay nothing for WSC's analysis and recommendations. WSC gets paid only when we produce a direct refund, credit or savings in your waste and recycling services. As an example of our commitment for our local and regional clients, WSC typically invests between $3000 - $4000 of our own resources to fund the development of recommendations; at no cost to you.

As an Affiliate of Environmental Waste Solutions, LLC (EWS), a successful solid waste management consulting firm since 1994 with main offices in Sarasota, FL and Baton Rouge, LA, WSC has access to a national network of over 500 EWS trained and certified Affiliate Consultants. EWS's unique waste cost reduction program has substantially reduced waste and recycling costs for commercial and industrial clients. As an example of their commitment to their multi-regional and national clients, EWS typically invests between $10,000 and $100,000 of their own resources to fund the development of recommendations; again at no cost to you.

With EWS you also pay nothing for their analysis and recommendations; like WSC, EWS gets paid only when they produce a direct refund, credit or savings in your waste and recycling services.

EWS and their Affiliates have worked with over 30 major Restaurant Chains including McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy's, Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen and Denny's; 20 plus Food Manufacturers and Distributors including Bird's Eye Foods, Butterball, Coca Cola and Gorton's Seafood; other major companies such as American Airlines, Winn Dixie, Sears Home Improvement; and many more.

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